This year 2020 has brought our society a pandemic that had us all sequestered in place, made us afraid to go out to shop, visit friends and family, work, and have caused many businesses to be hurt or, worse yet, closed. Also, the allergy season was rough for those who suffer those maladies. But here in the Greater Kansas City Area, we missed out on certain weather events. Although our rainfall has been average for the most part, we didn’t have many thunderstorms or severe weather.

Consequently, for as much as we could, we’ve spent time outdoors in our yards, many people started gardening again with many for the first time. Several of us kept close to family, and small groups of people we knew were taking precautions as we were practicing.

Now, as I’m writing this piece, it is the first day of fall. Here in the KC area, the weather has already moderated, and we have had cool nights with warm, moderate days. To me, at least, weather-wise, it’s a perfect entrance into fall, so far.

As the weather progresses toward winter and the coming cold forces us indoors, you may discover or suspect you have mold brewing in your home or business.

If that is the case, First Call Restoration of Kansas City can help provide a FREE MOLD INSPECTION. If you are like me, I don’t like not knowing if I suspect a problem developing; I like to know.

The only way to know is to have those areas inspected. With mold, the adage applies, the sooner this problem is found, the less expensive the repair.

If you suspect mold being present in your living or work environment, don’t put off the inspection. It’s a straightforward and painless call to First Call Restoration 816-804-0154 in Missouri or 913-909-0142 in Kansas. You may find our website at

We cover the entire metro-plex from Harrisonville, MO to Oskaloosa, KS and Lawrence, KS to Odessa, MO.

Please don’t put it off; give us a call today.